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    Workplace Injury in Philadelphia: Getting a Second Opinion

    Going through a workplace injury in Philadelphia can have serious implications on your health and finances. Your physician might recommend surgery or other treatments that might bring some long-lasting changes to your life. 

    It may be the point where you might think of getting a second opinion for your workplace injury in Philadelphia, PA. We will discuss some essential things regarding a second opinion for your injury in this article.

    Can you Change your Physician to Get a Second Opinion? 

    The Department of Labor & Industry working under the state government gives you the right to go for a second opinion regarding your workplace injury in Philadelphia, PA. 

    In case a healthcare provider recommends surgery, you can get a second opinion. The outcome of the second opinion, for example, the alternate treatment that the other doctor recommends, must be catered to within three months by your employer or insurer.  

    Reasons You Want to Have a Second Opinion for Your Workplace Injury in Philadelphia, PA:

    You would continue the treatment with your current doctor. However, there can be circumstances that necessitate seeking another opinion regarding your injury. It may include:

    • Your doctor deems you fit for work and advice you to return to work. However, you might not feel confident that you have fully recovered, and this can cause your current condition to deteriorate
    • You don’t feel that the doctor is giving you the right treatment or is not communicating with you properly. The progress of your recovery is quite slow due to the doctor’s treatments
    • The physician recommends surgery for recovering quickly from your injuries. Surgery comes with additional risks, and it’s not wrong if you think of getting a second opinion before going for one

    Can I Choose to See My Doctor? 

    If you want, you can choose to see your doctor regarding the injury as they are well aware of your medical history. You can decide to get a second opinion from your doctor that can give their recommendations. However, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as paying for a second opinion. 

    Paying for the Second Opinion for Workers’ Compensation Injury:

    When it comes to getting a second opinion, there is a question regarding bearing the expenditure. If you choose to go for a second opinion, you need to know a few risks, such as:

    • Your insurer might not allow you to get a second opinion for your injury
    • The second doctor’s recommendation might not be something you expected 
    • The treating doctor might not find the other doctor’s findings suitable and disagree with it 
    • In case the workers’ comp carrier is not willing for you to go for a second opinion, it can impact the litigation  

    The optimal thing to do in this situation is to contact your attorney and get their suggestions for it.

    Can a Treating Doctor Request For a Second Opinion? 

    There can be an instance where your treating doctor can ask for a second opinion on your workplace injury. It is probably, due to the reason that the doctor might not have the expertise to diagnose and identify the real problem. They would want you to get a specialist for the diagnosis. 

    Also, there is a possibility that the treating doctor wants to confirm if their diagnosis is accurate or not. The treating doctor might recommend a specialist to get a second opinion on your injury. In this case, your insurance company will convince you to go for a checkup with doctors on their panel. 

    However, it might not be the best thing to do as these doctors have special arrangements with insurers responsible for the independent medical exams. Nevertheless, the ideal thing to do is consult and seek advice from your attorney. 

    A lawyer can look at all the aspects and then give you a clear pathway regarding how to proceed with the request for a second opinion. They can work towards getting you the best care, ensuring you get complete rights for your injury. 

    Avail the Services of the Best Attorney in Philadelphia for your Workers’ Comp Claim:

    Cases involving a workplace injury in Philadelphia, PA., can be challenging and time-consuming. It can quickly drain your time and energy. Therefore, you might want to hire the services of a law firm that can help you get quick results. 

    That is where the Philadelphia Injury Lawyers can do the job for you. With a team of experts who have dealt with many claims regarding workplace injuries, we will leave no stones to get you the compensation for your claim.

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