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    Should I speak with insurance adjuster?

    When you are involved in an accident that involves soreness or stiffness in your neck or back and creates limitations to what you can comfortably do, your insurance company isn’t going to tell you that you can receive compensation for your injuries. In fact, the insurance adjuster is going to tell you that you don’t qualify for a settlement or that you qualify for a very low settlement, and will even use what you say about your injuries against you. It is risky to talk to an insurance adjuster without a lawyer for these reasons. They will want to record what you say and they will take a lot of notes that can later be used against you to minimize or completely deny your settlement.

    It is much wiser to have an attorney to speak to the insurance adjuster for you, and you can always tell an insurance adjuster that you don’t want to speak about your injuries without your lawyer. Until you get a lawyer, you can expect the insurance adjuster to keep calling you for information.

    The insurance company will also request that you sign a release, without really explaining what it means. What it means is that you can lose your right to further compensation. If you haven’t completed your medical treatment and received a final evaluation report from your doctor, you should not sign anything. Your best bet is to ensure that you speak to an attorney who can offer guidance, advice and representation for your case before you even consider signing something from the insurance company. Once you’ve signed a release, you can’t undo it, even if you didn’t understand it.

    For more information about dealing with an insurance adjuster and establishing your case, contact a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

    Can I negotiate with the insurance company myself?

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