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    What if I had a preexisting condition before my work injury?

    Many people don’t realize that aggravating a pre-existing condition at work is considered to be a new work injury. Pre-existing conditions include any past injuries or diseases, including those that develop overtime, like arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

    Most people have some kind of pre-existing condition, and many of these conditions are not particularly painful or uncomfortable until the workplace injury occurs.

    Factors to Consider

    There are a few factors to consider in a situation where you’ve injured part of your body that has been injured or affected in the past, including the following:

    Factor I
    Did you have any problems with the pre-existing condition before the workplace injury?

    Factor II
    Did your workplace injury cause the pre-existing condition to become more painful without returning to your former level of comfort?

    Factor III
    Did you hear any strange sounds or feel any strange sensations from the area of the pre-existing condition at the time of your workplace injury?

    Factor IV
    Is your pain in a different location of the body part affected by the pre-existing condition? (For example, a neck injury causing pain in one arm could now cause pain in the other arm).

    Factor V
    Has your range of motion in the area of your pre-existing condition been reduced since the workplace injury occurred?

    These are just a few factors that can help you to figure out if your pre-existing condition has been aggravated by your workplace injury. You will want to get a full medical evaluation and provide your doctor with your history of medical conditions and the changes you’ve experience since the workplace injury. Never hide injuries. Be honest with your doctor.

    Contacting a Lawyer

    When you are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim that involves a pre-existing condition, it is a good idea to seek a free consultation from a workers’ compensation attorney. This is the best way to get legal¬†advice and guidance and make the best decisions regarding your claim.


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