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    Consequences of Working during Workers Compensation

    Being out on workers comp means that you get just two thirds (or 66%) of your regular wages. For some employees, this is not enough to cover all their everyday expenses. Many wonder if they could continue working during workers comp. Before doing this, you must consult with your Philadelphia workers comp lawyer.

    There are some financial and legal consequences you should be aware of. Here are some implications of having a job during workers comp.

    You Must Report the Source of Income to the Workers Comp Insurer

    If you are pronounced able to work a light-duty position by the doctor, your employer may offer you such a position. Or you could find a second job on your own. In any of these situations, you must inform the workers comp insurer and tell them how much money you are making.

    The insurer will then adjust your wage replacement. The amount you will receive will be 2/3 of the difference between your regular wage and the light-position wage you are getting during workers comp. 

    What If I Make More Money on the Second Job?

    In some cases, you may be lucky and find a second job that pays more than the job where you got injured. In this situation, the insurance company will stop paying replacement wages. They are not obliged to supplement your income beyond 2/3 of your full wages at the initial job.

    However, your medical care costs will continue to be covered until the doctor says you have reached maximum medical improvement. From that point onwards, you may return to your full type job or apply for permanent disability if necessary.

    Your Second Job Duties Must Not Be Incompatible with Your Injuries

    Another important aspect related to working during workers comp is the type of job you take. The activities you are supposed to perform must not be incompatible with your injuries and make them worse.

    For example, if you suffered a back injury, you cannot take a second job at a warehouse, where you are supposed to carry heavy loads. 

    do not take a second job during workers comp without talking to your lawyer

    Can You Hide Your Second Job from the Insurer?

    Your Philadelphia workers comp lawyer strongly advises against any kind of dishonesty. Also, you cannot hide anything from an insurance company once you have an active claim. They can:

    • Hire a private investigator to follow you around
    • Obtain your tax information
    • Search through your social media profiles and find proof of a new job.

    Once they find out about this, insurers will:

    The last is a serious criminal offense, which can result in fines and prison time. 

    What Happens If You Find a Job that Pays “Under the Table”

    Last but not least, you may be able to find an employer who pays cash in hand, without reporting your income. This is even worse than working a legitimate job without stating it. You are not only exposed to the risk of workers comp fraud accusations. The IRS will also eventually find out about your unreported income, and you will face federal tax fraud charges.

    Talk about Working during Benefits with a Philadelphia Workers Comp Lawyer!

    If you want to supplement your income during workers comp, do it only 100% legally and in full knowledge of the consequences. The best option is to discuss with your Philadelphia workers comp lawyer and understand all the pros and cons of taking another job during workers comp.

    We encourage you to reach out to us and schedule a free case evaluation today at 267-314-8024!

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