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    Worker’s Compensation In Philadelphia: Most Common Reasons for Needing It

    Worker’s compensation is one of the most important employee benefits that you can ask for. They ensure that your needs to care for your family are not obstructed despite any untoward incidents at your workplace. However, a lot of the general public does not fully understand the scope and the complete package of workers’ compensation. 

    Many employees do not opt to have workers’ compensation included in their employment contracts. Here’s a list of all the benefits given to workers in compensation for any accidents they suffer in their workplace in Philadelphia, PA. Many other people make it a priority to consult Philadelphia workers compensation attorneys for these common reasons.

    Compensation for medical bills

    Under the laws of workers’ compensation, your employer must pay for all your medical expenses that arise due to an accident that you may face while on your job. This includes doctor’s consultation fees, fees for having different tests done, hospital expenses, and covering your prescription drugs expenses. This facility is not time-bound, and you can make money to pay for all these and even more medical expenses if need be, for as long as you are fully recovered or live your entire life, whichever is earlier.

    With the rising costs of medicine, it is important to understand that the guarantees for having medical expenses paid can relieve a lot of stress and give you peace. Many people commonly take worker’s compensation to ensure that their medical expenses will be cared for if anything happens to them at the workplace.

    Death benefits are included in workers’ compensation

    In the few cases that result in the death of an employee due to an accident at their workplace, they can rest assured that their family will receive all forms of death benefits for all the services provided by them their employer. 

    Death benefits may include a lump sum payment given only one time or multiple smaller payments throughout a fixed time frame. Such benefits are given regardless of any life insurance a person may have with any third–party insurer. This makes taking workers’ compensation a great way to ensure that your family’s needs are taken care of, and you can make sure to leave no stone unturned in protecting those you love.

    That is why it is common for many employees to consider workers’ benefits to protect their loved ones. It is a form of insurance without you directly paying any insurance premium from your net salary.

    You can collect social security, unemployment, and disability benefits as well

    In case of any workplace injury or accident, you can opt for receiving social security, unemployment benefits, and also disability benefits as well directly from the government. This, however, is subject to certain conditions from your employer. If you are receiving these benefits, your worker’s compensation benefits may be reduced by your employer. 

    In such cases, it is advisable to contact a lawyer and explain your situation so that they will be able to negotiate better deals on your behalf. While worker’s compensation is mandated by law in Philadelphia, PA, most employers try to undercut how much they are supposed to pay for all their expenses. 

    That is why it is important to have a lawyer who can better understand your situation, negotiate to the best of their ability, and get you the right benefits you deserve. Workers’ compensation does not stop you from taking other benefits. However, it is best to talk this out with your lawyer first.

    You can have an all paid for doctor’s examination

    According to the Laws of Philadelphia, PA, if you are taking workers’ compensation, your employer or your employer’s insurer is entitled to have you take a doctor’s examination and get you checked to make sure your ailments require the necessary expenses as shown in your contract that was negotiated. 

    This doctor will not be the one you usually go to, but a different doctor as appointed by your employer or insurer. Typically, judges allow for such check-ups twice a year. Many people use this opportunity to test themselves and ensure they are healthy fully.

    This appointment is placed at a reasonable time and place as suitable for you, and if it is too far for you to reach, you can even be given gas compensation. However, this will be subject to some negotiation on your side, for which a lawyer would be a better option. These kinds of exams are usually called IMEs, and they are also court-mandated to take place depending on your condition.

    Back pay for all the wages lost

    More often than not, once you are involved in a workplace injury, you will have to skip work for some time to concentrate on your health and recover well. This leads to taking a leave from your employer, which leads to losing precious working hours and, therefore, pay. Having a worker’s compensation ensures that you receive your lost wages fully or, in some cases, at least partly while you recover for some time. This allows you to easily manage your injury and take complete rest to recover well and get back on your feet as soon as possible. Most regular health insurances do not cover this benefit, and it is only given for workers’ compensation. Thus, many people commonly prefer having worker’s compensation to substantiate their lost wages as well.

    Do not forget that this is not a priority benefit, and many employers will try to undercut you from realizing the full amount of money you could receive. That is why it is important to have a lawyer with you to negotiate on your behalf and make sure you take everything you can.


    Many employees do not fully understand the full benefits of worker’s compensation. However, those that do understand will often take it for the benefits of the wage, medical expenses benefits, death benefits, and more than an employer can offer you. These are only some common reasons people will opt for workers’ benefits. The only drawback is that you cannot sue your employer for suffering and pain if you take workers’ benefits. However, this also has certain exceptions to it a lawyer can work around if required.

    So, if you look forward to having the assistance of a Philadelphia personal injury attorney, contact us today. 

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