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    Common Workplace Injuries in Philadelphia and How To Prevent Them

    Safety in the workplace is one area both employers and employees should work towards. Sure, accidents happen, and not everything can be prevented or predicted. Plus, workplace injuries don’t just cause a setback in productivity, they equally take a toll on the financial stability of not just the firm involved, but the economy as a whole.

    The Pennsylvania state government alone pays millions to support the activities of the Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication. Still, there are solid strategies that could prevent some of the most common workers’ comp injuries. So, here are five of the most common workplace injuries and tips on how to prevent them provided by some of the most reliable Philadelphia injury lawyers

    Most Common Workplace Injuries Sustained By Employees

    Here are some of the most frequent types of injuries seen in workplace accidents.

    Slips, trips, and falls

    Slips, trips, or falls are actually in the category of accidents that no one ever expects. However, they are one of the most common workplace injuries. Just one slippery or wet floor could cause a life-changing injury.

    There are a number of factors that cause employees to slip, trip, or fall, some of which are:

    • Slippery or wet surfaces.
    • Steep stairways
    • Poor lighting.
    • Hazardous stairways or walkways.
    • Faulty elevators.
    • Inadequate caution during weather-related conditions.

    With slip and fall incidents, it’s so important to file a claim almost immediately. The longer you wait, the fewer chances of getting a verdict that works in your favor. 

    Falling objects

    In work environments where there are stacks of products piled up or shelved materials, there’s a good probability of getting hit by a falling object. If you are lucky, a falling object may simply cause a scrape or a light bruise.

    However, there are some cases where the injuries are serious enough to require surgery. Heavy objects could easily fall from an office supply room or warehouse shelves. Whatever the case may be, an employee is entitled to workers’ compensation after a falling object injury. 

    Truck/car accidents

    No employee leaves their home or office with the intention of getting in a car crash. Unfortunately, workers that spend most of their time on the road are more liable to get involved in a car crash. Delivery drivers, truck drivers, and other personal or service drivers are at more risk of getting injured in an auto crash than staff that are not required to drive. 

    Heavy machinery accidents

    Most companies and factories have evolved with the times. People are no longer required to lift heavy objects on their own.

    However, that has not erased the problem of handling heavy objects in the workplace. Heavy machinery is commonly used across manufacturing, production, and various goods/services industries.

    Equipment such as hammer drills, table saws, tractors, or forklifts could cause sudden injuries without warning. Some of the most probable injuries that result from handling heavy equipment and machinery are:

    • Shoulder/neck injuries
    • Hearing/vision loss
    • Fractures
    • Broken bones
    • Knee problems.
    • Complex regional pain syndrome.

    Such injuries happen when employers do not provide enough protective gear or train employees adequately before entrusting them with such heavy equipment.

    Lifting Injuries

    There are a good number of jobs that require employees to lift heavy objects. This is why lifting injuries are quite common in the workplace. Manufacturing companies, breweries, and even healthcare centers all require their staff to lift heavy objects, or in some cases, people.

    In just a second, people can get hurt when carrying heavy loads. Across different professions, activities like the ones named below could cause serious injuries:

    • Pushing patients in wheelchairs. 
    • Stacking up cargo in trucks or delivery vans.
    • Performing forklift loads.
    • Unloading commercial trucks.
    • Lifting a patient.
    • Stocking store inventory.

    Injuries that occur from lifting heavy objects could result in life-long back, shoulder, or neck pains. Plus, such conditions could easily rack up an employee’s medical bills. Unfortunately, lifting injury claims are easily dismissed in court, especially without the help of a reliable injury attorney. 

    Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

    It’s important to take precautions to avoid workplace accidents. Here are some important things to remember.

    Use protective equipment

    People who work in hazardous environments or with dangerous materials have to use protective equipment. Even more, it’s better to rotate shifts to ensure the same workers’ aren’t getting strained or overloaded with work. The more alert each employee is, the lesser chances of getting injured. 

    Use safety buffers

    Employers should put up safety buffers between harmful substances/equipment and employees. This will help greatly to reduce any potential harm. Removing such risks (if possible) is the best solution. Providing adequate ventilation, and safer disposal measures could equally help to reduce the chances of injuries or sickness.

    Set up safety committees and facilitate regular staff training

    One of the best ways to avoid workplace injuries is via regular staff training. When all employees are properly educated on safety measures, how to use safety gear, and alleviate workplace accidents/disasters, that promotes a healthy work environment.

    Additionally, safety committees will help monitor, supervise and enforce healthier and safer alternatives that reduce risks and while providing innovative solutions.

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