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    Myths and Misconceptions about Personal Injury Lawyers

    a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer protects your rights

    The media and the internet are very useful for sharing information – but they are also used for spreading disinformation. This is why so many people think twice about hiring a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, these legal professionals have got a bad reputation, mostly from unverified information or even blatant lies. So, it is…

    Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Aches and Pains after a Car Crash

    a Philadelphia car accident lawyer recommends seeing a doctor after the crash

    Many people believe they made a lucky escape from a car crash with just a few bruises. However, an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer advises you to go to the nearest hospital, even if you only experience minor pain and dizziness.  Here are some reasons why you should never ignore car accident injuries, no matter…

    Tips for Preserving Evidence after a Personal Injury Accident

    a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer needs evidence to win your case

    An experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer knows how to negotiate with insurance adjusters and obtain a fair settlement to compensate you for injuries and economic damages. But knowledge of the law and your side of the story are not enough to win your claim.  Your attorney also needs solid evidence to: Here are tips on…

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