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    Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Aches and Pains after a Car Crash

    Many people believe they made a lucky escape from a car crash with just a few bruises. However, an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer advises you to go to the nearest hospital, even if you only experience minor pain and dizziness. 

    Here are some reasons why you should never ignore car accident injuries, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

    1. The State of Shock Dulls Pain

    Your body will start producing adrenaline to fight the shock after any traumatic incident, such as a car crash. One of the effects of this chemical in your body is to dull pain. 

    Thus, you may suffer from severe injuries, such as broken bones and internal organ damage, and not be aware of it. Doctors will run diagnostic tests and start treating these injuries immediately – sometimes even before you start feeling pain.

    2. Untreated Injuries Will Get Worse

    You hear unbelievable stories about people who walked away from a car accident and ended up in intensive care the next day. You should believe them – and get medical treatment as soon as possible after a crash.

    Many injuries to the head (including traumatic brain injury), neck, spine, or internal organs have a delayed onset. But every minute and hour when they are not treated will worsen them. They may prove fatal or leave you with an irreversible disability, such as paralysis.

    3. Even Minor Injuries Can Turn Severe in Time

    Nothing is sadder for a Philadelphia car crash attorney than the case of a client who could have made a full recovery with ease if they sought timely medical treatment. Instead, they are left with chronic pain, reduced mobility, and other types of impairment, because they ignored minor to moderate injuries, such as:

    • Whiplash
    • Muscle strain
    • Ankle or wrist sprain.
    even minor car accident injuries should be treated by a doctor

    4. Not Seeking Medical Care Promptly Will Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

    Insurance companies are never sympathetic to your pain, suffering, and mounting bills. They will look for any little issue they can latch onto in order to deny or devalue your accident claim.

    Not seeking medical attention immediately after the accident is something they will pounce upon. Some of the arguments an attorney has a hard time fighting during negotiations with an insurer are:

    • You were not seriously hurt but then decided to make some money out of the insurer.
    • You suffered your injuries later, in an unrelated incident, and try to blame them on the car crash.
    • You cannot get compensation for injuries that you failed to mitigate.

    5. You May Lose Your Case in Court

    If the insurance company refuses to settle your car accident claim, your only option is to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. The insurer is obliged to defend them and will use exactly the same arguments in court.

    At this point, everything depends on what the jury believes. They may understand that you did not think you were severely injured at the beginning. 

    Or they may doubt your entire version of the event and think that you are trying to abuse the personal injury compensation system. Thus, you will lose the suit and be left with no other legal recourse to recover damages.

    Focus on Your Health – a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Will Focus on Your Claim!

    One of the first things to do after a car accident is to seek medical care at the nearest hospital or ER. Do not walk away thinking that you are fine and it’s not worth spending money on diagnostic tests.

    An experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer at our law firm will recover all your eligible economic damages from the at-fault driver, such as medical care costs and lost wages. You will also get damages for pain and suffering – but only if your attorney can prove the cause of your injuries.

    Call us to schedule a free case review as soon as your doctors tell you that you are out of danger: 267-314-8024!

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