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    All You Need To Know About Truck Accidents In Philadelphia

    Car accidents, in general, have been on the decrease according to reports from the 2020 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistics. Truck accidents fell from 128 in 2019 to 122 in 2020. Of course, these stats look better on paper, as any truck driver can fall victim to an auto accident. Plus, while car crashes are equally devastating, heavy truck accidents may prove to be slightly more terrifying. 

    Covering the costs of medical bills, possible property damage and loss of quantifiable goods/products are already disheartening. Adding painful injuries to that list is the final hammer on the nail for many. That’s why the first few hours and days after a trucking accident are crucial; getting the right facts, reliable Philadelphia injury lawyers, and police reports will improve the chances of getting beneficial compensation. 

    How Truck Accidents Happen

    Truck accidents happen because of various human or mechanical errors. Sometimes, truck drivers lose control of the vehicle because of common distractions like answering a phone call or glancing at a GPS. On the other hand, a truck accident may occur because of faulty brakes, lack of maintenance, or bad weather conditions. Other factors like overspeeding, lack of proper vehicle inspection, blown-out tires, blindspot mirrors, unsecured cargo, or driving under the influence. 

    The severity and complexities of truck accidents make it practically impossible to beat in court. Unless you have the right legal team with viable experience with such cases. The legal team must be able to properly investigate the claims, details of the accident, and determine who is at fault. Without this due process, the true victims may not receive the fair compensation they deserve. 

    Types of Truck Accidents

    There are different types of accidents that happen on the roads of Philadelphia. Some are fatal, others are extremely serious, while others may be more trivial. However, most truck accidents always leave behind personal injury and property damage. Some of the most common types of truck accidents are listed and explained below. 

    Head-on collisions

    Usually, a trailer or pick-up truck collides with a smaller vehicle head-on or nose to nose. The aftermath is usually very devastating because vehicles (as long as they are moving) both have a good amount of force powering them. However, because of the truck’s size, speed and weight, it’s more likely to do more damage to the smaller vehicle. 

    Blind spots

    It’s a known fact that big trucks have up to four blindspots, which many refer to as no-zone areas. The bigger the truck. The larger the blind spot will be. Most truck drivers are educated on the blind spots that exist at the front and rear sides of the vehicle. Pay attention to the side-view mirror on the truck, if you can’t see the truck driver, it’s possible he/she cannot see you either.

    Side collisions

    Factors like excessive speed, wrongful overtaking, inadequate distance between the two vehicles, or poor weather conditions can cause side collisions. In this case, the truck crashes into the side of another vehicle or vice versa. The aftermath is either fatal or results in severe injuries. 


    The term jackknifing is a very visually inspiring one, as it tries to explain the acute angle a folding knife makes when it’s halfway open. In this case, the truck either skids into this position because of brake failure, improper braking, equipment failure, or bad road conditions. Also, a collision is almost impossible to avoid in jackknifing accidents. 


    Just as the name implies, these types of accidents include a multiple car crash usually caused by one or two of the vehicles in front or at the back. The truck would probably have to be driving at full speed to involve other smaller cars in the crash.

    Other common accidents include rear-end, under-ride, and over-ride accidents. Rear-end accidents happen when the driver crashes into the back of another vehicle. An under-ride happens when a smaller car crashes into a big truck and continues with force beneath the truck. 

    An override is the exact opposite, a large truck crashes into a small vehicle and continues to drive over it. Truck drivers can avoid such accidents by following these 3 highway safety measures.

    Common personal injuries that result from truck accidents

    Not all heavy truck accidents are fatal, and that’s the good news. However, serious motor accidents can leave drivers and any other passengers with serious life-changing injuries. Some of them include;

    • Spinal cord injuries. 
    • Body burns.
    • Neck and back injuries. 
    • Joint dislocations. 
    • Bruise and lacerations
    • Fractures and broken bones. 
    • Amputations. Traumatic brain injuries. 
    • Head and shoulder injuries. 

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