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    Whiplash Injuries In Pennsylvania Car Accidents

    Whiplash is a relatively common car wreck injury. A study from the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, a leading traffic safety non-profit, estimates that several hundred thousand Americans sustain whiplash injuries annually. Whiplash injuries often go undiagnosed. Many whiplash victims miss out on the legal compensation which they are rightfully owed. If you were the victim of a whiplash injury, or any other car accident injury, you should speak to an experienced car accident attorney to learn more about your legal options


    Defining Whiplash in Pennsylvania 


    Whiplash is a fairly broad term. It refers to an injury to a person’s neck. Sometimes you may see whiplash referred to simply as neck strain. It is often associated with car accidents because whiplash occurs when a person’s neck is violently ‘whipped’ around. This type of force causes the delicate soft tissue within the neck to be stretched and damaged. Severe whiplash injuries are notoriously painful and can be completely debilitating. Recovering fair compensation for whiplash injuries is always complicated. The main reason is because neck strains, and any other type of soft tissue injuries, are difficult to pinpoint and diagnose. The big insurance companies use that fact as an opportunity to deny legitimate whiplash claims. An experienced Pennsylvania car accident can help make sure that your rights are protected for illegitimate claim denials.


    Whiplash Injuries: Making the Case


    There are two major reasons as to why whiplash injuries are often more challenging to prove. First, there is not a simple test that can show full extent of the damage. As a contrast to a whiplash injury, a broken arm will show up on an x-ray. There is nothing comparable for the debilitating soft tissue damage caused by whiplash. Further, whiplash injuries are notoriously slow to appear. You may not start feeling the full effects of a whiplash injury until well after an accident. But, this does not mean that you are out of luck. A car accident attorney, with experience helping whiplash victims, can help you prove your claim. Gathering and assembling the evidence is always the key to a successful injury claim. There are two main areas where your car accident attorney will focus:


    • Medical documentation: It is critical that you are continuously examined by a medical professional for as long as your whiplash injuries persist, most importantly, because it is critical to your health and your recovery. However, this is important also because that medical documentation will be necessary evidence in your case.
    • Accident analysis: Scientific analysis of the accident can also be used to prove that your whiplash injuries are real and deserve fair compensation. Accident analysis has many different steps, but as an example, your attorney can use the accident reports to determine the speed and force of the impact. Scientifically showing the amount force that was placed on your neck can provide compelling supporting evidence.


    Contact An Experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney


    Any victim of a whiplash injury understands the substantial impact the pain can cause. Car accidents victims deserve fair compensation for the full extent of their injuries. Whiplash is a legitimate injury. Do not let a big insurance company tell you otherwise. You are entitled to compensation for your whiplash injury. An experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney will help; please act quickly to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

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