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    Slips and Falls: How an Attorney Can Help With Your Case in Philadelphia

    Slips and falls are counted under preventable injuries by the National Safety Council of the USA. In 2020, 831 workers lost their lives to slips and falls at the workplace. 

    Slips and falls are common in certain workplaces like construction, wholesale trade, manufacturing, and retail. 

    A slip and fall case in Philadelphia can involve severe injuries due to a fall caused by the negligence of the other party. They can happen at your workplace, in a hotel, at home, on-road, or anywhere else. 

    Also, per the data from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, seven people are likely to die annually by 2030 due to falls. This is some astonishing data, and this would most likely be true if the slip and fall cases were taken as lightly as today. 

    As per OSHA, i.e., the Occupational Safety and Health Association, the most common reason for slip and fall cases is the lack of proper safety standards. So, should you hire a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer? Let’s find out.

    How Does a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer Help With My Case?

    A slip and fall attorney can help you in not one but many ways when it comes to a slip and fall case. You can contact a slip and fall attorney no matter the reason for the fall. 

    Listens to Your Case

    The first thing an attorney can help is in listening to you. He is patient enough to understand your case in detail. It will be a proper two-way communication that will allow the attorney to better understand the case’s details. 

    After listening to the entire ordeal, he will put up questions wherever necessary. Thereafter, he will suggest a possible outcome of the case, if the case is stronger and is worth it or not. 

    This will depend on the injuries sustained due to the slip and fall, when the accident occurred, where it occurred, and many other factors. 

    Investigate the Accident

    A slip and fall attorney will also help investigate the accident if the attorney seems potential in the same. While investigating the case, they will determine the at-fault party, collect the police reports (if any, quite unlikely in a slip and fall case), medical records of the victim, and previous complaints against the at-fault party (like the landlord, employer, restaurant, etc.), photos of the place where the accident occurred, etc. 

    He will also establish that the victim was not at fault for the slip and fall. 

    Identify the Defendants

    Sometimes there can be more than one defendant in a slip and fall case. In such a case, it is an attorney’s job to determine which parties are directly responsible for the mishap. An attorney also helps in guiding you after the slip and fall accident. He will also provide a follow-up of the situation. 

    Collect Evidence

    One of the major jobs of an attorney is to collect not just evidence but concrete, meaningful evidence. If the victim was conscious enough to take the slip and fall accident scene photos, it helps an attorney big time. 

    But even if that is not possible, an attorney works on collecting evidence thoroughly. He will ask his juniors to collect the evidence with the help of extracting video recordings of the day, visiting the place personally, and going to other lengths as possible. 

    As part of collecting evidence, he also helps find the witnesses, identify them, and further interview them. He can also approach the first responders who took his client to the hospital or were present with the victim. 

    Deal With Insurance Companies

    Dealing with insurance companies is not an easy task. It is not a task a victim should perform under any circumstances. The sole motive of any insurance company is to make a profit by seeking deposits but finding every ounce to minimize the claim when needed. Insurance adjusters are skilled in negotiating, be it passively or aggressively. 

    Thus, hiring a slip and fall attorney would mean you no longer have to deal with insurance companies directly. Attorneys are experienced enough to talk to them in the language they understand. They can smart talk to reach a fair settlement. If the settlement fails, there is always a way to court available. 

    File for Compensation

    If the negotiation with insurance companies isn’t fruitful, a slip and fall attorney will finally also help in filing the lawsuit in the court of law. 

    The process of filing a lawsuit doesn’t come easy. It has steps that need to be fulfilled. It involves applying, filling in the details, and much more. An Alsip and fall attorney knows the ins and outs of filling any lawsuits and does it so very conveniently. 

    Prove Negligence

    Lastly, an attorney will help in presenting your case before the judge. For this, he will have to prove the negligence of the defendant’s party. The attorney will point out the lack of duty of care, and the injuries would have been averted with proper safety measures installed. 

    They will provide the duty of care that was breached and neglected. He will establish that the defendant didn’t take the right steps at the right time even when he was aware of the unsafe conditions at the premises. 

    Furthermore, the defendant didn’t take any steps to fix the unsafe conditions or warn the people about the same (with the help of notice, warning signs, hazard symbols, etc.). 

    The injuries could have been avoided, and thus the defendant is liable to pay for the damages. The attorney will also estimate the number of damages with the help of medical records and the scope of injuries sustained and demand compensation accordingly. 

    When Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

    A slip and fall case can occur at any place and situation. You can call an attorney at any time. Some of the common causes of slips and falls include:

    • Slips and fall accidents at the workplace due to poor safety measures like safety helmets, gloves, etc
    • Slips and falls accident that involves landlords
    • Slip and fall accidents at hotels and restaurants due to faulty railings, furniture, carpet, etc
    • Slip and fall accidents at hospitals due to slippery floors, lack of proper signage
    • Slip and fall accidents at offices, business arenas, etc
    • Slip and fall accidents in public places due to poor maintenance by municipalities

    For more information on slip and fall cases, contact our Philadelphia injury lawyers today. 

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