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    What if I was in a single car accident involving a defective guardrail?

    Single car accidents are common, especially on wet and icy roads. You can easily lose control of your vehicle and hit a guardrail, sigh, tree, or anything else. In some cases, there may be a defect in the road, guardrail, or something else that results in an injury. In these situations, you should always contact an attorney to find out what your options are.


    While all cases are different, you may not need to file a claim if the following apply:


    • You were uninjured, certain that no injuries will become apparent in the future, and/or can afford any potential medical expenses that may occur down the line.


    • You have no property damage (or minimal damage) and/or can afford to pay for damages on your own. If you damaged someone else’s property, but can afford to pay for the damage, then you should have the property owner sign a release that states that they will not sue you in the future. You can contact an attorney for further advice.


    • Your vehicle repair costs are less than your deductible, and you can afford these repairs.


    Even though an accident may involve only one vehicle, your insurance polity rates can still be increased, especially if the police arrive and issue a citation (like speeding). Your driving record will reflect this, and your insurance company may increase your premiums because of it.


    There are situations where you can file a claim without your insurance premiums being raised. For example, with comprehensive insurance coverage, you can file a claim for damages resulting from weather, natural disasters, vandalism, etc. without increasing your rates.


    The purpose of comprehensive coverage is to pay for repair/replacement of your vehicle in situations where damage results from something other than a car accident. You’ll have to pay a deductible, most likely, when you file your claim, and you may have to get a new car loan. If you own a new vehicle or are financing, then you probably have this coverage. Contact a knowledgeable Philadelphia car wreck attorney today.

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