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    Most Common Workplace Injuries in Philadelphia

    Workplace injuries due to accidents are inevitable, even at the workplace where safety is most often prioritized. This is why having the best Philadelphia workers’ comp lawyers on speed dial is a good idea. 

    But many people tend to think work-related injuries are only a thing for heavily industrialized workers. But work-related injuries can happen in several ways. 

    Let’s say you’re running late for an impromptu breakfast meeting. As you hurry out of your car into the office, you slip and twist an ankle at the entrance? Does it count? And what steps do you need to take?

    Hopefully, you can determine whether it counts or not with this guide. Here is a look at the most common workplace injuries in Philadelphia.

    Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Many work-related injuries are reported in the United States every year. Falling at the workplace account for some of the most common of these injuries. The causes of these falls are endless. From freshly mopped floors to missteps when rushing down the stairs.

    Experts categorize work-related falls into two. Thus, falling to a lower level and falling on the same level, including slips and trips. Some cases, especially slips and trips, can lead to a wide range of injuries. They can include fractures, minor open wounds, etc. 

    But falling from a height, in particular, have a lot of severe cases. Each year, close to seven hundred thousand individuals become victims of fatal falls, according to the World Health Organization. 

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over five thousand deaths from work injuries in the USA alone. And among these deaths, close to 10% were as a result of falls. 

    Work-related injuries cost business owners a little under a billion dollars in expenses. And this is not a good look for a state like Philadelphia, which is striving to navigate the new realities presented by COVID-19.

    According to reports, Philadelphia was a major victim of pandemic-induced unemployment. The city lost about a hundred thousand jobs when restaurants had to close due to mobility restrictions. The hospitality industry also saw twenty-five thousand more losses in Philadelphia alone.

    Workplace Violence

    Many companies deal with the risk of workplace violence using a strong hand. Workplace violence cases range from verbal abuse to physical assaults. 

    Generally, there are four main types of workplace violence. They include criminal intent, client-on-worker, worker-on-worker, and personal relationship.

    But Philadelphia, in particular, has a more specified view on workplace violence through its workplace violence report form. Some of the examples include harassment, intimidation, assaults, stalking, among several others.

    Over the years, workplace violence has become a menace for business owners across many states, including Philadelphia. According to OSHA, about two million workplace violence cases are reported in the USA each year. And the fact that 25% of these cases go unreported makes it even more dangerous.

    Employees miss a little under 2 million total workdays due to workplace violence. Business owners also get a fair share. The effects of workplace violence translate to over 50 million dollars in lost wages alone.

    Falling Objects

    The world is fast becoming a global knowledge-based economy and Philadelphia’s occupational structure mirrors this upward trend. Over the years, the city has seen a growth in occupational groups like computing, business, administrative support, etc. 

    However, the manufacturing and logistics sector still accounts for close to eight per cent of Philadelphia’s total workforce. If you’re in such an industry, there are high chances you may be exposed to flying objects.

    Flying objects may lead to cuts and other minor injuries. But some severe cases can cause permanent head injuries. Having a hard hat on at all times is a recommended practice for factory workers in Philadelphia.

    Hazardous Materials 

    Exposure to hazardous materials is an issue for many chemically industrialized companies. In 2019 there were about forty thousand cases involving exposure to toxic materials in the USA.

    Toxic chemicals may differ depending on your industry. But some common toxic workplace chemicals include lead, mercury, zinc, etc. 

    And exposure to some of these toxic materials can result in minor skin irritations and respiratory-related issues. Sustained exposure to these chemicals can also result in other long-term health effects.

    No one wants an accident, but if it so does, it shouldn’t be the end of your productivity. In Philadelphia, there are several OSHA regulations required of companies. One primary example is the hazard communication standard. 

    So the first step, even before an accident happens, is to ensure your company is in sync with these regulations.

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    With proper medical attention after an accident, you may be back on your feet doing what you love again. However, bouncing back to work after an injury seems easier than it really is. Lags in the compensation process can slow up your recovery journey. 

    It’s advisable to enlist professionals to get what is due to you while you recover. Our Philadelphia injury lawyers are experts in workers’ compensation and have a long history of serving employees in Philadelphia. 

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