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    Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Should you consider hiring a personal injury attorney after a bicycle accident? Consider the following six reasons for seeking representation:


    1 Flawless medical documentation is necessary.

    The insurance company is going to need flawless evidence of your medical expenses and necessary treatments. They may not offer an adequate settlement if they don’t think that your medical expenses were necessary and reasonable. Your personal injury attorney will know exactly how to build a compelling case with your medical documentation, and will even be able to procure medical expert testimony if the case ends up in trial.

    2. You must focus on procedural requirements.

    It is important to be aware of the procedural requirements, deadlines/statutes of limitations, the appropriate forms, and the necessity of court appearances where applicable. If you attempt to represent yourself and deviate from these rules, a simple mistake can cost you the case.

    3. An attorney understands confusing policies.

    There are many confusing things about insurance policies that can be difficult to sort out on your own. Whether you are entitled to compensation from someone else’s policy or your own, the insurance company may deny responsibility. An attorney who understands the policy, regardless of how confusing it may be, can maximize your recovery.

    4. A good attorney is not intimidated by corporations.

    When a corporation is legally liable for your injury, filing a claim can be intimidating, especially if you go it alone. If you hire a good attorney, then you don’t have to worry about this. The corporation may do everything they can to find evidence that you are being dishonest, including hiring private investigators to follow you around, dig into your past, and question your character. This can cause a lot of stress and you may be pressured to accept a low settlement. In a case like this, your best bet is to hire an attorney who is not intimidated by the corporation.

    5. An attorney can help prove pain and suffering.

    It can be challenging to prove that you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, particularly with injuries that result in long term mental or emotional suffering and injuries that are fatal to someone you love. An attorney can effectively argue for these claims.

    6. You can get a higher settlement in a timely manner with an attorney.

    An insurance company will want you to settle low, and if you don’t, they will want to drag the process out until you are willing to settle low. If you hire an attorney, you can count on his or her negotiation skills and understanding of the process to maximize your recovery and settle in a timely manner, while still avoiding litigation.


    In general, hiring a personal injury attorney is going to ensure that insurance companies don’t take advantage of you while you’re recovering from you injuries.

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